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Senior Living Visionaries is a podcast and radio show curated specifically for leaders in the senior living industry.

Our guests are among the best and brightest executives, advisors, and service providers in senior living. These industry leaders have consistently implemented creative solutions, new customer services, and targeted financial strategies resulting in long-term brand impact and increased revenues.

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EPISODE 101: How Senior Living Providers Should Approach their Digital Health Transformation Journey

Majd Alwan, PhD, digital health and aging services technology expert, and former Executive Director of LeadingAge Center for Aging Services Technologies, discusses some of the most promising technologies to promote safety, wellness and social connectedness among senior residents, as well as technologies that can help with staff recruitment/retention and productivity.

Senior living leaders who are leading their organization’s digital health transformation journey will benefit from Dr. Alwan’s answers to questions about:
1. where to start when there are so many technology tools and options,
2. what to do BEFORE you implement technology that you hope will streamline processes,
3. how to integrate technology plans with the organization’s strategic plan and
4. how to structure a selection process to ensure the best technology choices for the organization.

Episode 102: Don't Miss These Sales Warning Signs!

In this episode, host Jennifer Drago interviews Mike Brindley, Chief Sales Officer at Solutions Advisors Group. They discuss warning signs and metrics that executives should look for when their community is not meeting sales or occupancy goals. They also discuss current trends and gestation periods in senior living sales and how to overcome resistance in prospects who are worried about the economy and the real estate market.

Leaders of senior living communities and anyone in the senior services industry would benefit from listening to this episode to understand the current mindset of seniors as well as effective sales strategies to use amid current market conditions of high inflation, cooling real estate prices and a looming recession.

Episode 103: Strategic Visioning with Your Actuary!

In this episode, host Jennifer Drago interviews Brad Paulis, Partner at Continuing Care Actuaries and learns about current trends in retirement living as well as how he helps clients to "vision" services in the future.

They also discuss one of the most promising opportunities in our industry, Continuing Care at Home (CCAH) programs. CCAH programs -- which allow members to remain in their home, safely and independently while they age -- give senior living providers an opportunity to serve more clients with their mission. These programs complement existing continuing care retirement communities, instead of compete with them.

Senior living providers, as well as advisors and vendors working with these providers, will gain information on current trends in benefits and costs among continuing care retirement communities. Brad discusses how utilization is shifting and how inflation has impacted these communities and their residents. 

Episode 104: Building Financial Resiliency & Sustainability

In this episode, host Jennifer Drago and Larry Bradshaw, financial consultant and retired CEO of National Lutheran Communities and Services, discuss how senior living providers can ensure their financial strength in light of our current cost and staffing pressures and occupancy challenges.  They also discuss current trends and metrics that executives should monitor to remain financially strong and why occupancy isn’t always the most important metric for an organization.  

As senior living providers, you won’t want to miss Larry’s wisdom as he shares why he is often called in as a financial consultant and the key things he evaluates. Larry also shares his advice for current leaders to strengthen their financial resiliency and sustainability.

Episode 105: Middle Market Housing Strategies for 2023

In this episode, host Jennifer Drago interviews Jon Fletcher, Senior Vice President of Senior Housing Partners, a division of Presbyterian Homes and Services. They discussed the financial performance of middle-market senior living projects and strategies for successful middle-market development.  

Senior living providers will be interested to hear Jon’s expertise on how these middle market projects can be financed and what the capital stack can look like on these projects. Jon shares how CCRC providers can add middle-market projects to their portfolio without diluting their premiere brand and also discusses alternative strategies that can be considered at this time such as land banking and acquisitions. 

Episode 106: How Culture Drives Financial Performance

Join host Jennifer Drago as she interviews Denise Boudreau, president of Drive, and learn how organizations can measure and improve their culture to improve recruitment and retention of team members. Even more importantly, Denise shares the drivers of culture and what simple daily actions can have a dramatic impact on your organization’s culture.

Leaders in any industry will be intrigued by Denise’s takeaways on the importance of focusing on your organizational culture and how culture drives your organization’s performance on key metrics including employee engagement, client satisfaction, safety, productivity, and profitability.

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About the Host & Sponsor

Jennifer Drago

With 30 years of experience working with mission-driven organizations in senior living and healthcare, Jennifer Drago is an executive leader and award-winning strategist who brings creative, out-of-the-box strategies to help organizations amplify their impact and skyrocket their revenues.

As the host of Senior Living Visionaries, Jennifer has a keen interest in improving the financial resiliency and long-term sustainability of providers in the senior living and senior care space by featuring the innovators, disruptors and best practices in the industry. 

Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance, a master’s degree in Health Services Administration, and an MBA from Arizona State University. She is a Life Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and a Certified Mastery Method Coach.

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