Ep. 128: Revolutionizing Home Care: Workforce, Technology, and Trends

Jun 11, 2024 |

Bob Roth discusses the evolution of home care, challenges, and innovative solutions shaping the future of senior care.

This episode features Bob Roth, Managing Partner of Cypress HomeCare Solutions, discussing the trends in home care including workforce challenges, technology options and opportunities for collaboration and partnership in the senior care industry.

Cypress HomeCare Solutions and Personal Experience [02:59]

Bob recounts his personal caregiving experience starting in 1985, which led to the creation of Cypress HomeCare Solutions. He discusses the evolution of the home care industry and the challenges faced by home care companies over the years.

Unregulated Home Care Agencies in Arizona [04:00]

Jennifer and Bob discuss the lack of regulation for home care agencies in Arizona. Bob's leadership in creating voluntary standards for local agencies is highlighted, emphasizing the importance of self-regulation to ensure client safety.

Workforce Challenges in Home Care [06:24]

Bob identifies significant headwinds in the home care industry, particularly workforce shortages. He emphasizes the need for immigration reform to bring in caregivers from caring cultures and the importance of providing competitive wages to retain staff.

Impact of Legislative Changes on Home Care [09:00]

Bob explains how the repeal of the companion exemption rule and the effects of COVID-19 have severely impacted the home care workforce, leading to increased costs and a shift of many caregivers to the private care sector.

Addressing Workforce Shortages [12:54]

Bob and Jennifer discuss innovative recruitment and retention strategies, including embracing technology and automation. Bob shares how Cypress HomeCare Solutions uses digital interviews, advanced scheduling systems, and automation to streamline operations and improve caregiver onboarding.

Leveraging Technology for Efficiency [19:17]

Bob highlights the use of Axis Care, a software solution that enhances scheduling and caregiver management. He discusses how automation helps reduce operational costs and improve service delivery.

Embracing Technology in Home Care Delivery [24:04]

Bob talks about innovative technologies like SensiAI, a virtual care assistant that uses acoustic monitoring to detect changes in patterns and ensure client safety. He also mentions Pocket RN, a service that provides on-demand nursing support to prevent unnecessary ER visits.

Fractional Care in Senior Living Communities [28:00]

Bob introduces the concept of fractional care, which allows for flexible, on-demand caregiving services in senior living communities. This model helps reduce costs and improve service efficiency, making care more accessible for residents.

Future Trends and Opportunities [31:34]

Bob discusses the rapid changes in the industry, driven by technological advancements and the democratization of care services. He emphasizes the importance of collaboration between home care providers and senior living communities to address current challenges and seize new opportunities.

Advice for Senior Living Providers [37:00]

Bob offers advice to senior living providers on vetting home care agencies, emphasizing the importance of partnering with employer-based in-home care agencies that have professional liability insurance and workers' compensation. He also advocates for the adoption of fractional care models to improve care delivery and reduce risks associated with private caregivers.

Closing Thoughts [39:00]

Bob encourages listeners to embrace the opportunities presented by the current landscape, despite the challenges. He stresses the importance of collaboration and innovation in driving the future of senior care.

Connect with Bob:

Email: bobroth@cypresshomecare.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/bobrothchs

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About Our Guest:

Bob Roth is the Managing Partner of Cypress HomeCare Solutions. Bob assisted in creating Cypress HomeCare Solutions with his family in 1994. With nearly 40 years of consumer products, health care and technology experience, Bob has successfully brought the depth and breadth of his experience to the home care trade and in doing so, Cypress HomeCare Solutions has been honored to receive a number of awards over the years, including Bob being chosen as the January 2014 CEO of the Month and was a finalist for the 2015, 2022 and 2023 Phoenix Business Journal’s Healthcare Heroes award.

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