Helping entrepreneurs launch or grow their businesses and increase profits, while working fewer hours, and amplifying their impact.

Does this sound like you?

  •  You're on a hamster wheel with an endless to-do list
  •  You've had some success in spite of yourself
  •  You're overwhelmed and searching for a magic bullet
  •  You want an easy-to-follow growth roadmap

 With our support, you can gain
the clarity and focus you desire!

Peak to Profit's signature formula to create a sustainable strategic roadmap to revenue is the "PEAK" framework, which stands for Planning, Execution, Analysis and Knowledge. When you work with Peak to Profit, you'll create a future vision for your company, articulate a streamlined set of strategies, set objective measurements and continually analyze and refine your actions to grow and scale your business. You can use the PEAK formula to repeat the cycle each quarter for maximum results.


  •   Craft a clearly articulated vision
  •   Develop a solid business strategy
  •   Streamline your business operations
  •   Take disciplined and focused action

What We Offer

Self-Study Course

As a passion-driven entrepreneur, you will appreciate the step-by-step guided approach that helps you develop a vision, strategy and annual plan for your business. This self-paced course also provides valuable insight into how to translate your strategy into daily action and ensure maximum impact.

 VIP/Business Intensives

A VIP Day is a 6-hour in-person or virtual intensive where we work with you to develop a growth plan, strategic roadmap and/or a business optimization plan that you can implement the very next day. This high-touch, done-for-you service helps you prioritize your work and gets you unstuck!

Leadership Coaching

Three- or six-months of individual, transformational coaching to work on your wildly important personal and professional goals and help remove blocks that hold you back. It's like having a strategy guide, business mentor and accountability coach all in one!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Jennifer's leadership and expertise in strategic planning was invaluable in guiding us through creating our most recent strategic plan. We have a practical document to track our progress on our stated goals. 
Ann DeVlaeminck

Executive Director
Southwest Lending Closet

"Jennifer's strategic thinking, tracking of metrics through dashboards and evaluation of business marketing, sales and operations were exemplary."

Lindsay Hutter

Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer
Goodwin House

"Jennifer has provided our nonprofit with the knowledge and expertise to move our board into a direction of change, organizationally. She provided many tools to help us get where we needed to be. I would highly recommend her services. 
Blair Sapeta

Board Chair and Entrepreneur

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