Are you a senior living, healthcare or nonprofit organization leader looking to increase profits and amplify your impact?

I help organizations get clear on their vision and strategy so they can identify -- and execute -- opportunities for growth, hidden revenue potential and operational efficiencies.

Are you frustrated because your organization
isn't fully executing on its capabilities?

At Peak to Profit, we understand the complexities of operating a senior living community. There are a lot of demands on your time and it can be frustrating when everyone on your team is working hard but your organization is not achieving the financial and operational results that you know are possible.

With our 30 years of experience, we know that creating and communicating a clear business vision and strategy will help you and your team row together like a championship crew team -- working smarter, not harder. When you’re united in focus, you will achieve your visionary goals and have an even bigger impact and higher profitability than expected.

Your company needs a PEAK Performance Assessment to help you identify what is needed to achieve your impact and revenue goals. 

This isn’t about doing more burpees or diving into an ice bath, this is about creating an organization with a laser-focused vision and strategy where the leadership and team members are operating in complete alignment with that strategy.

That means you can:

• Leverage an Impact-Driven Methodology where your entire organization is bought in and supporting the vision, allowing everyone is rowing together and in the same direction.
• Implement the Peak Profit Framework, where core success principles and key metrics give senior leadership insight into all areas of business, so you can make the best decisions in alignment with market trends.
• Execute an Optimized System Formula, activating teams and processes for optimum engagement and retention. The real secret to getting the results you want is knowing what tools to leverage and in what priority order. Your team is then able to work smarter, not harder, and achieve the results you expect.

Is it time to end your frustration with mediocre results and finally achieve the profitability and impact you know you're capable of? Schedule a strategy call today.

What Our Clients Say About Peak to Profit:

"Jennifer provided invaluable facilitation for our Board Strategic Planning Retreat but, more than that, she served as a collaborator and partner in guiding our organization through every step required of a high-performing organization.

Her examples were immediately relevant and useful. Her recommendations were poignant and pushed us to be thoughtful and specific about what we are committed to doing and being in the future.

Her style and personality are easy to trust and warm up to. It is clear to everyone who has met her that she is a pro and has the credibility and context to help us advance our mission.

I could not recommend her more highly as a consultant and colleague. We all benefited from our interactions with her and the deliverables she left behind. The struggle is real - nonprofit work is not for the faint of heart. You need Jennifer Drago on your side."

Avein Saaty-Tafoya, MBA

Executive Director, Institute for Mental Health Research

"Jennifer's leadership and expertise in strategic planning was invaluable in guiding us through creating our most recent strategic plan. We have a practical document to track our progress on our stated goals."
Ann DeVlaeminck

Executive Director
Southwest Lending Closet

"Jennifer has deep strategic planning experience and facilitated a SMART-goal planning session for 75 cross-functional junior to senior executives. She is a strong communicator, clear & convincing public speaker, and facilitator."
Jono Smith

Senior Director, Digital & Brand Communications
Make a Wish America

"As a strategy and operations consultant, Jennifer is the best investment we have ever made!"

Keanne Bray, MBA

Everest Hospice

What the PEAK Performance Method Will Do for You:

First, we get clear on
your organization's
vision, strategy, and
current results as well as your opportunities and challenges.

We conduct a PEAK Performance
Assessment to identify hidden opportunities for revenue, operational efficiencies and enhanced alignment in your company.

Armed with the PEAK Assessment results, we work with you to develop and implement an Impact Roadmap - a clear, measurable action plan to execute your strategy.

Want to learn more? Schedule a no-obligation strategy session.

What is the PEAK Performance Method?

The PEAK Performance Method is our proprietary evaluation framework that allows us to identify key strategic, financial or operational issues that may be preventing the organization from achieving its true potential.  Through this evaluation, we examine and provide recommendations where needed on:

the organization’s operational and financial performance, team dynamics, role definition, objectives by role, the strength of Board governance.

how the organization acquires and serves clients, attracts and retains staff including the characteristics of leadership and culture.

how well the organization is executing on its strategy and key objectives. This includes both objective and subjective assessment of your key customer processes. 

how well the factors above and key objectives interact together and are measured to demonstrate success.

Here's What Else We Offer:

In addition to our signature PEAK Performance Assessment (highly recommended as a starting point for all services), we offer the following services which can be customized to meet your organization's needs:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Market and Customer Research
  • Board Facilitation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Business Planning
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Metrics/Scorecard Development
  • Leadership Development Training
  • Executive Coaching

Want more information? Book a call to discuss your needs.

Senior Living Visionaries
Podcast and Radio Show

Ep. 117: PACE, Workplace Strategies & Innovative Partnerships

In this episode, I interview Ann Conn, the President and CEO of McGregor Foundation. Tune in to hear:
~ What is the impact of PACE Programs on participants and families?
~ How is McGregor's PACE program embracing technology?
~ What are Ann's advice for senior living providers who are interested in a PACE program?
~ What is the margin potential of PACE program?
~ What are the Strategies that has transformed McGregor’s recruitment and retention efforts?
~ Should senior living providers partner to solve their staffing issues?

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A Selection of Current and Past Clients

"Jennifer truly helped our agency get one of our HUGE strategic goals off the ground and running. She made some great connections in the Senior Living field for us and really asked some thoughtful questions to ensure our agency had an understanding of the scope of the project. Her knowledge in the Senior Living field and strategic planning is amazing!"

Joanne Thomsen

President & CEO, Benevilla