Ep. 101: How to Approach Your Digital Health Transformation Journey with Majd Alwan, PhD

Jul 16, 2023 |

Majd Alwan, PhD, digital health and aging services technology expert. discusses promising technologies to promote resident safety and wellbeing.

In this episode, host Jennifer Drago interviews Majd Alwan, PhD, digital health and aging services technology expert, and former Executive Director of LeadingAge Center for Aging Services Technologies. They discussed some of the most promising technologies to promote safety, wellness and social connectedness among senior residents, as well as technologies that can help with staff recruitment/retention and productivity.

In addition to learning about promising new technologies in senior living, Dr. Alwan provided guidance and resources on how best to evaluate and select technologies that will meet organizational objectives while having a return on investment.

Senior living leaders who are leading their organization’s digital health transformation journey will benefit from Dr. Alwan’s answers to questions about:

  1. where to start when there are so many technology tools and options,
  2. what to do BEFORE you implement technology that you hope will streamline processes,
  3. how to integrate technology plans with the organization’s strategic plan and
  4. how to structure a selection process to ensure the best technology choices for the organization.

Alwan Advisory Services provides consulting to a wide range of providers, technology companies, including start-ups, investors, and policy makers on issues related to technology and business innovation in the aging services sector.


Majd Alwan, Ph.D., is an independent digital health, health IT, and strategy expert and a noted authority on aging-services technologies.

In his previous role at LeadingAge CAST, Dr. Alwan was responsible for creating and leading a network of technology companies, providers and research institutions focused on technology solutions for an aging society.

The network advanced the interests of older consumers, caregivers and providers and fostered opportunities for collaboration between provider organizations, technology companies, and research institutions in exploring product development, testing prototypes, evaluating technology and deploying technology-enabled care models.

Prior to joining CAST, Majd served as an Assistant Professor and the Director of the Robotics and Eldercare Technologies Program at the University of Virginia’s Medical Automation Research Center. His research interests there included passive functional and health assessment, biomedical instrumentation, medical automation, as well as eldercare and assistive technologies.

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