The Truth About Accountability

Posted On Jan 27, 2023 |

It is important to understand accountability as a business leader. Here are three truths about accountability.

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In this week's video, we share some truths and misconceptions about accountability. 

Accountability is one of the most misunderstood concepts in life and business. Business coach Brian Moran says that accountability is often perceived in a negative light because we've been conditioned to think about it as a "stick" instead of a "carrot". When things don't go as planned, it's easy to blame others or external circumstances for our failures. However, true accountability is about taking ownership of our choices and the results of those choices.

The first truth about accountability is that you can't hold someone accountable. Accountability is the ability of each person to own their actions and results, regardless of the circumstances. In fact, you can't hold others accountable if they are not accountable to themselves.

The second truth about accountability is that you can't find it externally. People often look for accountability in all the wrong places or use external reasons as an excuse not to take ownership of an issue. They're constantly waiting for the economy to pick up, the housing market to turn around, or any other external factor they can't control. This causes a victim mentality which is so destructive to one's mental health because they can ultimately feel hopeless to change their circumstances.

The third and final truth about accountability is that true accountability is self-accountability. Instead of looking externally and waiting for things to change and improve, instead of waiting for others to make things better, we have to take ownership of whatever situation we are in and take action.

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