Your VIP Day Experience

Finally, a Way to Quickly Gain Clarity and Momentum

By end of your VIP day, you will have:

  • A crystal clear vision of where your business is headed (your Vision Narrative)
  • A strategic roadmap to move you toward that vision, with defined goals for the upcoming four quarters
  • Strategic and operational measures in a organizational scorecard to easily track your progress and the progress of your team
  • A set of personalized recommendations to streamline operations, increase efficiency and improve productivity
  • Confidence and clarity to know that you have a solid growth plan
"Jennifer helped us tighten up our strategy and operations, including our website and marketing materials, policies and procedures, big picture goals for growth, and strengths and weaknesses within the company and our staffing."
Linda Murray Owner/Administrator,
Everest Hospice
"Jennifer can see the big picture and pull pieces together, making a plan that brings money into the business. She is both realistic and enthusiastic. A great combination for getting things done by finding what brings me joy in my work, along with what brings in the most financially-oriented result."
Melissa Meredith Wells
"Jen will help you get where you looking to go and, if you don't know where you want to go, she'll help you identify your destination through a visioning process. She helped us create our business plan with actionable tasks and timelines. We are seeing consistent growth as a result!"
Vincent Alejandro
Co-CEO, Grand Copper Group

How VIP Days Typically Work


Leading up to your VIP Day, I will request certain documents to do in advance. I will also ask you to do some brief homework and turn it in one week prior to our VIP Day.


During the first session of the VIP Day, we will work together developing your mission and values. We will also develop a three-year vision and a strategy to move you forward toward that vision. 


In the second session, I work alone to draft your business vision, strategy and goals. I also develop a set of scorecards that you can use to measure your progress forward and recommendations regarding task prioritization and execution.


In the last session of the day, we convene again to review the documents and scorecards I have drafted. We make final tweaks and then discuss the steps to ensure execution of the strategy. 

"We recently worked in collaboration with Jennifer to create a project plan for our new venture at KPPUBU. Her support in building a robust plan is evident in all aspects that we are currently implementing. Her willingness to listen and provide us with constructive and creative feedback is most valued as we move forward with this project."
Dr. Nicky Mohan

Strategic Advisor, KPPUBU

"Jennifer is an amazing leader and mentor. I appreciate her keeping us on task and providing direction on situations we are implementing and how we can begin to change our employee culture. Jennifer knows what she is doing and will help to strengthen and help to improve processes in any company."
Chad Sackett

Owner, Everest Care Plus

"Jennifer has provided our nonprofit with the knowledge and expertise to move our board into a direction of change, organizationally. She provided many tools to help us get where we needed to be. I would highly recommend her services."

Blair Sapeta

Board Chair and Entrepreneur

Are you ready to explore what VIP Days can do for you?

Frequently-Asked Questions

Yes, you will have 30 days' support following your VIP Day to ask questions and make additional edits to your deliverables. 

Every VIP Day is customized to the client. This is one of the reasons we have a Clarity Call discussion prior to booking the VIP Day -- to make sure I understand your needs and to make sure that I am the best person to help you. Through a Clarity Call, I can also assess if the VIP Day format is the appropriate way to address your needs. 

I have four (4) VIP Day slots available during most months. On your Clarity Call, we can discuss my schedule and you can hold a VIP Day on my calendar with a 50% downpayment. Final payment will be due one week before your VIP Day.